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Welcome to my world of being a follower of Jesus, wife & mom, Certified Personal Trainer, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Young Living essential oils fanatic, holiday junkie, home decor lover and your Preggercise coach!

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lindsey shooter

ELBE baby - click on the photo to visit the shop

ELBE baby - click on the photo to visit the shop

So before I tell you all about this super fun new venture I am entering into I have to first take you back a few pages. You see, like most people in this world, I keep searching, praying and hoping that God will give me a passion in whatever endeavor I am taking on. When I was in college I had two summer internships. One in New York working for a public relations agency and another in Los Angeles working for the Los Angeles Film Festival as a Publicity Assistant. I was excited about these opportunities. I knew it would be a rush to be able to experience these big cities on my own but when it came time to graduate I still felt a bit anxious. The work I had done hadn't inspired me. I hadn't experienced a deep passion or drive for the work I was doing. Yes, I was an intern so thinking maybe that was the reason I wasn't psyched, I entered into my first job. I landed a position as a Marketing and Events Coordinator for a small non-profit organization that helped unite and lobby for the state of Arizona's tourism funding.  I helped organize events to bring together all those affected by tourism in the great state of Arizona. Although it was more "fun" I still didn't feel I had found my calling. I went to one more job in Marketing for a high-end resort in Sedona. This really discouraged me. I didn't feel excited to go to work. I mean, don't get me wrong. Work is work, you don't always want to do it. I understand. But I really felt lost. 

That's when by the encouragement and support of my husband my tables began to turn. I had always had a passion for fitness and exercise and I wanted to feel as if I was contributing to peoples lives. Helping them in some way. That's when I became a Certified Personal Trainer and this really changed my outlook on life. I realized I could love what I did when it came to work. Once I got pregnant with my first child I knew my job description was about to change once again. I knew I wanted to stay home with my little ones and spend that precious time with them. Now having two children I once again love my job. I am constantly helping these little people and I am contributing to their lives by nurturing and teaching them what this life is about. Being a mom is enough. However, I kept asking God if there was more he had for me. Something I could find both therapeutic and challenging. 

That's where I am today. I got bibbed. I felt the strong desire to begin learning to sew. To use my creativity and design my own patterns for the little people in my life. That's where ELBE baby was created. Bringing my little hobby into a place to share my love through handmade goods. I feel as if God has given me such a gift in giving me a passion for sewing and making these one of a kind scarf bibs and other accessories. Yes, I am not the only one to start a little shop like this but I do feel like this little shop corner was paved just for me. I hope you will come peek at my new shop and perhaps allow me the privilege of making you and your little ones unique and functional accessories!

White & Teal Arrow Muslin Scarf Bib

White & Teal Arrow Muslin Scarf Bib