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Welcome to my world of being a follower of Jesus, wife & mom, Certified Personal Trainer, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Young Living essential oils fanatic, holiday junkie, home decor lover and your Preggercise coach!

Toosday Boobie Smoothie

lindsey shooter

Hello, hello! I feel as if I've been away for WAY too long. I took the whole month of January off while coming off the holiday high and unintentionally from contracting what felt like the black plague in our house which has lasted for weeks. I wish I could tell you even now that we're 100% but we still have residual coughs and runny noses sounding around the house like an untuned brass band. 


Today I'd like to share a quick and helpful recipe for a breastmilk-supporting smoothie. I have mentioned this before in a previous blog post but have gotten a few personal messages asking for the ingredients so I felt it could stand as its own topic today. 

The ingredients are simple but all play a role in helping support your milk supply. When it comes to the main liquid portion of the smoothie you can use cow's milk which can be great for enriching your milk or you can use a non-dairy alternative if your little one doesn't seem to be handling dairy well. Such options include almond, soy or coconut milk. I personally have come to enjoy almond milk (and I can buy it in bulk at Costco) so that is typically what I use but occasionally if I'm out of my stash I use my husband's 2% milk. 

The other big players in the recipe are the flaxseed meal, Brewer's yeast and protein powder. Flaxseed and Brewer's yeast are known to boost your milk supply quantity. For many, you can noticeably tell the difference in your breasts whether you've had these ingredients that day or not. Protein powder is added because I know for myself, I struggle to get the needed amount of protein in my diet for both my body and to pass on to my little nugget. Gotta keep fueling that brain growth!

Obviously this is a recipe that can be played with, altered, added to or take things out you detest but it will be beneficial for your mama body and for your babes delicious milky meals. 

Boobie Smoothie

  • Milk of choice - I fill my blender container about half way full
  • Greek yogurt - 2-3 large spoonfuls -- great for added protein
  • Spinach or Kale - good sized handful
  • Avocado - sometimes I do half, sometimes I do a full -- this is your "good" fat
  • Flaxseed meal - approximately 2 Tbsp
  • Brewer's yeast - approximately 2 Tbsp
  • Protein powder - full scoop (I use BSN Syntha-6 protein powder)
  • Frozen fruit - I use a great organic daybreak blend from Costco or sometimes I'll just use a frozen banana on hand... fill the remaining portion of your blender container with your fruit to top it off.
  • Optional: Spoonful of peanut butter

I use a VitaMix blender and will fill it usually in the order listed above. After blending until smooth, I will pour myself a pint-sized cup and save the remaining smoothie in the refrigerator and use this throughout the day as my snacks or part of my meals. It is nutrient-dense, tastes great and most importantly super easy to access and drink throughout the day when I'm trying to do everything else motherhood demands.

On top of my smoothie I take a prenatal vitamin, fenugreek capsules and alfalfa tablets to also boost my milk supply and give my body some added nutrients. Let me know if you have any other questions and I hope you enjoy!