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Welcome to my world of being a follower of Jesus, wife & mom, Certified Personal Trainer, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Young Living essential oils fanatic, holiday junkie, home decor lover and your Preggercise coach!

Week 5: Holiday Fit Challenge

lindsey shooter


Merry Christmas week! I'm so proud of all of you who have made it thus far! Between busy schedules, work, kids, sickness and holiday hustle and bustle there are plenty of reasons to quit. But not us! We will have Christmas Day off this week so push through and make it happen. It'll feel so good and you'll be able to enjoy all the holiday festivities even more knowing you worked your tail off! 

Remember, watch the videos on the Preggercise Facebook page for the exercises to make sure you are doing them correctly. Also, remember to go to the Preggercise Facebook page each day to find the inspirational quote of the day and that is where you can submit your comment when you've finished your workout. This will qualify you for the prize at the end of the 6 weeks and a great tool for accountability.

Lastly, to print the workouts for the week, click here. Work hard. Stay consistent. Keep each other accountable. Let's do this!


Monday, December 21:

1:00 Jumping jacks
50 Speed skaters
1:00 Mountain climbers
50 Switch kicks
(Repeat 2x, 10 second breaks)
15 minute power walk / run
***Expectant moms***
Jumping exercises are not for you -- stick with the 15 minute power walk. 

Weight bearing:
30 reverse lunges
50 oblique bicycle
30 alternating bicep curls (free weights)
25 bridges (try single leg bridge for challenge -- see video)
1:00 plank

(Repeat 2x -- GO)


Tuesday, December 22:

Cardio/Weight Bearing:
1:00 jumping jacks (pregnant: march in place)
:45 tricep dips
:45 squats
1:00 jog in place
:45 oblique bicycles
:45 lunges w/ torso twist
1:00 high knees (pregnant: knee raises -- no jump)
:45 modified push-ups
:45 curtsy tap
1:00 butt kicks
:45 switch kicks
:45 step-ups
1:00 speed skaters
:45 side lunge
:45 mountain climbers

(Repeat 2x – For a challenge do everything for 1:00 -- GO.)

**Pregnant: remove the bounce from cardio exercises**


Wednesday, December 23:

50 jumping jacks
1:00 jump rope
30 high knees, 30 butt kicks
1:00 mountain climbers
(Repeat 2x, :10 breaks) 
15 minute power walk / run
***expectant moms***
Jumping exercises are not for you --- stick with the 15 min power walk.

Weight bearing:
50 curtsy to tap (total)
15 row boats (each direction)
20 squat to shoulder press (5-10lb dumbbells)
15 close-grip push-ups
20 overhead tricep extensions (10-20lb dumbbell)

(Repeat 2x -- GO)


Thursday, December 24:

Cardio/Weight Bearing:
1:00 speed skaters

:45 plie squats
:45 iron cross
1:00 switch kicks
:45 side leg lifts (right leg)
:45 donkey kicks
1:00 mountain climbers
:45 zottman curls
:45 alternating lunges
1:00 toe taps (find a raised surface and quickly alternate tapping each foot on the raised surface) 
:45 side leg lifts (left leg)
:45 bent-knee hip raises
1:00 jumping jacks
:45 bodyweight squats
:45 russian twists

 (Repeat 2x – For a challenge do everything for 1:00 -- GO.)

**Pregnant: remove the bounce from cardio exercises**


Friday, December 25:



Saturday, December 26:

10 Burpees
50 Jumping jacks
50 Mountain climbers
50 Speed skaters
50 High knees
(Repeat 2x -- GO)
15 min power walk / run

Weight bearing:
30 Plié squats w/ weight (10-20lb dumbbell)
1:00 Plank
30 Hammer bicep curls (10-15lb dumbbells)
30 Rows (resistance band or weights -- see video)
20 Tricep dips (use support behind you -- see video)

(Repeat 2x -- GO)


Sunday, December 27: